Free Access Control for Git Repositories

Share your existing Git repositories, while restricting access to specific folders/branches and preventing cloning/downloading.

Restrict access to specific folders and branches

When working with freelancers or outsourcing to external development/testing groups, you may want to limit access to specific parts of your repository.

GitNTK allows you to restrict access to small subsets of your repository, such as specific folders or branches, releases, etc., while being able to constantly monitor their access.

Share without cloning and downloading

Cloning is an essential part of Git usage and is allowed even for users with read-only access rights. However, in some situations, such as a security audit, due diligence, or when sharing your private code with a potential employer/client, you may want to prevent the cloning or downloading of the repository.

Due diligence

Provide view-only permissions for a limited time during the due- diligence process. The user can only view through a web-browser without cloning or downloading or viewing the commit history.

Security audits

Security audits do not necessarily require cloning or downloading of your code. With GitNTK you can provide view-only permissions for a limited time, while preventing cloning, downloading, and viewing the commit history.


When sharing your private code with a potential client or employer, you may want them to review it for a limited time period without the ability to clone/download or view the Git history.

GitHub allows anyone, even with the lowest permissions, to clone the repository. GitNTK provided the extra control that we needed. Now we can share our Git repository with anyone without worrying that they will clone our repository or see its commit history.

Dan Peleg

Founder and CTO Globekeeper
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Share via email or username

Create groups and apply access permissions to the entire group.

Limit access to specific folders

Prevent cloning/downloading

Prevent Git history exposure

Limit access to specific branches

Time-based access expiration

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Sharing Options For Every Scenario

View Access

Users can only view the folder/branch on a browser without the ability to clone/download.

Edit Access

Users can edit the folder/branch on a browser without the ability to clone/download.

Read Access

Users can clone, pull and download specific folders and branches.

Write Access

Users can clone, pull, download, and push specific folders and branches.

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